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September 2, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Need Have a Ceramic Butter Dish in your Kitchen

You will always find butter in every kitchen that you will visit, because it is a vital requirement in many of our favorite recipes. People prefer to buy butter in sizeable quantities to avoid shopping for it every time they run out of it, but the challenge comes in the storage of the butter. To maintain its natural taste, a good storage option should be sought and the best solution is the ceramic butter dish. Unlike conventional methods and containers of storing butter, this butter container comes with number of advantages, which we will look at now.

Ceramic Butter Dish


1. They maintain the softness of your butter

How many times have you begun to prepare to do some baking, only to find that the recipe calls for softened butter, but yours is in your fridge, hard as a rock? Well, many of us have experienced this situation, but when you store your butter in a nice ceramic butter dish, you will not need to worry about the status of your butter. A butter dish maintains the softness of the butter at all times, and when you are doing some baking you will simply need to uncover the ceramic butter dish, cut the amount of butter you need and secure the remainder with the lid for future use.

2. Guards against the bacteria in the air

If you do not maintain good hygiene in handling your butter, then you should expect it to attract harmful bacteria that will make it go bad. Bacteria such as coliforms grow in butter that is stored at room temperature, and not covered properly to keep it free from the bacteria. A ceramic container is the best way to ensure that your butter is safe and fresh at all times. You can get a ceramic butter dish for sale online at very affordable prices.

3. For Flavor preservation

Whether your butter is from cow, goat or any other type of milk, you will want it to have its original flavor every time you use it. Butter is a delicate food that should be handled carefully and stored in the right way to ensure that it does not pick up odors and flavors from external sources. With a butter storage dish, you will not have to worry because the ceramic butter dish seals off the butter so that no external flavors can alter the original butter flavor. It will taste fresh and uncompromised when you are ready to enjoy it!

4. Protection from dust particles

No kitchen can be completely free from dust, and that is why you need to keep your butter securely covered or else it will attract dust particles that will prove hard to remove. Not only that; in the process you waste a lot of butter that will have trapped the dust. To avoid this, you need a covered butter dish that will keep the butter clean at all times.

5. Guards butter and keeps the kitchen free from insects such as black beetle, flies and ants

The fragrance that butter has attracts various crawling and flying insects. If you fail to store your butter in a dish that has a good lid, you may find some unwanted “guests” intruding in your kitchen. Just like dust, having to remove ants from your butter before being able to enjoy it is wasteful, and what’s more, really gross! Flies and other flying insects will be attracted by the sweet smell of the butter, and the only way to completely discourage them from your kitchen is to buy a good ceramic butter dish and keep it safe.

6. Unlike when stored in plastic dishes, the butter does not undergo metamorphism caused by sunshine

Even when the sun is not shining directly onto the containers in the kitchen, its indirect heat will cause the status of the butter to change when it is stored in plastic containers or left in open containers. A ceramic butter dish, however, will greatly reduce the effects of the sun’s heat, and hence the butter will not undergo the metamorphism, thereby maintaining its natural texture and taste.

7. The plate doubles up as a slate on which you cut the butter

A ceramic butter dish helps you to handle the butter in a simpler manner. Unlike other containers, a ceramic butter dish allows you to avoid the messy situation where you have to transfer the butter from its container to a flat surface where you can cut it. The container comes in two parts. There is a shallow slate on which a stick of butter is placed, and of course the cover that is put over the butter, covering it completely. With the base of the dish, you do not need a cutting board for your butter. All you do is simply lift the lid by its comfortable handle, cut the required piece of butter and return the cover back to the slate.
The base holds the water too, which is meant to block any air from getting into the ceramic butter dish, after the lid has been placed on, hence keeping the butter fresh and secure from external elements. Remember that you should not use just any water for the storage of butter. Distilled water that is free from unhealthy organisms is recommended for keeping butter fresh for as long as possible. Normal “tap” water may spoil your butter before you even use it halfway.

8. Attractiveness and Prestige in handling your butter

Who does not like to make his or her dwelling attractive? We decorate our houses with not only pictures and flowers, but also with the utensils and other things we buy. You can change the look of your kitchen when you buy a ceramic butter dish that complements the theme of your kitchen. You can find different styles and designs of these dishes online, and then it will be simple for you to select the one that will attract you the most. Note that even when shopping for the most attractive container, you need to consider the ease of use.


With all the advantages we’ve discussed, you now know how useful a ceramic butter dish is for the storage of your butter. There’s truly nothing better for keeping your butter fresh and tasty as well as soft and ready for use any time. Of course, with a vast selection that will fit any décor, a lovely butter dish will also help to beautify your kitchen.

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