Meet Our Team

Meet Our Creative & Efficient Team

We are a lovely efficient and professional team, who devoted to provide the best service for you our customers!

Douglas Wei


Nothing ventured ,nothing gained. Times are always changing, embracing every challenges we are facing, we are ready!

Kim Won

Sales Director

Stay hungry, stay foolish. Keep a fresh mind to see more, learn more and gains more.


Sales Representative

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. Be prepared all the time, that’s what I remind myself.


Sales Representative

Never underestimate yourself! You have to believe in yourself, that’s the secret to the success.


Sales Representative

Customers are our life. We listen carefully the feedback of our clients,we will do our best to fix the problem caused by our fault.


Marketing Manager

Online marketing is a interesting course, which i would like to devoted most time to study it. Keep on learning new knowledge every day.


Factory Director

Be careful during every step that we make ceramics. We should be responsible for every product, that’s why I always be serious about our process.


Factory Line Leader

Deliver the goods on time, that’s our commitment to our customer. I have to make sure that we can produce the items on the fixed time.


Design Manager

Where there is will, there is way. I still believe nothing is impossible. You never know what will happen until you try every possible way.


Factory Worker

I had been in this factory for 5 years. The works environment here is good. Workers here is nice to deal with. Boss always take care of us. I like to work here.
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