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What We Can Help

  • Supply good quality ceramic products to help you own great market response 
  • Customize your logo and design to makes your products unique and different 
  • Safety package is ready for your choice
  • Great after-sales services to each honored customer 

What It Is Like To Work With Us

  •  Design Service

    Watzin has a professional team focuses on the product design. Our employees of R&D division are young but enthusiastic, they are intelligent on the design work. The custom of the country,the nature,the people, all these will be their inspiration. Our design are always keeping pace with the times, that's also a part of the reasons that our products are popular in the market. Check our product series, you will be enjoyed by our attractive and appealing design.
    To informed by our latest design, please contact us via email, telephone or fax. We will be glad to share our latest design with you!

Safety Package
Of course, packing delicate ceramics products safely is extremely important to us. All our packaging options include bubble bags and bubble wrap to guarantee the safe arrival of your ceramic products.
  • Quality Inspection

Watzin understands that if we want to do long-term business with our customer, we have to make sure that our quality is superior to that of other manufactures. We maintain very strict quality control inspection standards. We can never sell ceramic products with poor quality to our buyers. We do the quality control from the first step during our production. Our products all receive QC inspections at three different points in the production process. If at any time in the production process, one of our pieces fails to meet our rigid quality standards, it is immediately discarded. In addition to our own quality control, customers sending out their own inspector or the third party inspections such as SGS, AI, etc are welcome. In short, quality is our life. 

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