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What To Consider When Purchasing Ceramic Flower Pots

Brighten Your Day ceramic flower pot

Whether you’re an avid indoor gardener or simply looking to add a bit of flair to your living space, ceramic flower pots and planters can enhance the look of your home by adding color and depth to the room. The plants themselves add tranquility as well, not to mention being clean and environmentally friendly. If you choose your plats to accommodate your lifestyle, they can last for many years with minimum effort on your part.

Ceramic Flower Pots
When you purchase plants from a store or nursery, they will probably come in a plastic or clay pot. This is done as a cost saving technique. People will choose decorative pots for their plants and re-pot them after purchase. The question then arises, what kind of flower pot suits my needs best? We’ll help you determine what type, size, and functionality you will need to best suit your plant and your decor.

What Size Do I Need?

There are actually a few considerations when purchasing ceramic flower pot as it relates to size. First, consider the size of the plant you wish to use the pot with. The plant will come in a plastic or terra cotta clay pot. You will always want to go up one size when purchasing a new pot. There is a “root ball” in the pot and this root ball will need to expand a bit when the plant is re-potted. Another point to consider is how large you want the plant to grow. If you are purchasing a smaller size plant which you hope will grow in to a much larger plant, then you may want to go up two sizes.

right size ceramic flower planter
Next, think about the size of the room in which the plant will be placed. Depending on the size of the space you have for plants, you may only be able to have smaller sized pots. This will limit your choices of plants to some degree, but there are beautiful plants and pots available in all sizes. If you live in a smaller room, however, you don’t want your plants and pot to take over the room!

Form And Function

One thing you will notice is that your pot will come with a hole in the bottom of it. his is to allow water to pass through the soil and out of the pot in the event of over-watering. Usually, this is not a problem with indoor plants, but with plants which are sometimes left outdoors, a hard rain may “drown” a plant that has no drainage.
Because there is a hole for water to pass through, you ceramic flower pots should come with a saucer which goes beneath the pot to contain any water which runs off or through the pot. As a rule, the saucer will match the pot and be a bit bigger than the pot is at its base.

Choosing The Right Color

Chances are, your local department store or nursery will have a fairly limited selection of color and pattern choices for you when choosing ceramic flower planters. The best option for variety of selection is on line. You can choose for a myriad of colors and patterns which suit any décor.

choose the right flower pot color

There are also some classic patters available, such as the Chinese white pots with blue designs, Celtic rustic stone finished pots, and of course tiled and kiln-fired pots. On line shops are also more likely to sell at wholesale prices, versus retail prices at a department store or nursery.


home decor ceramic flower pot

Indoor gardening can add depth and dimension to any room. There is also the simple elegant beauty of several attractively potted plants arranged as a focal point of design. By choosing the right plants and decorative pots in which they will grow, you will be able to enjoy your indoor garden for years to come. Good luck and happy growing!

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